Mission Statement: Legalize Cannabis.

Our organization is challenging cannabis prohibition in court.

Our position is that prohibition of cannabis sativa is illegitimate. 

Government never had the right in the first place to ban a common wild growing plant that has had such a long and beneficial relationship with people throughout American and world history. Sweeping police powers derived from prohibiting a common ditch weed have generated millions of human rights violations since 1937.

We seek to fight legal cases that will lead to an overturning of cannabis prohibition.

On civil rights grounds because cannabis prohibition is a Jim Crow law with racist origins. 

On human rights grounds because cannabis is poor people’s medicine.

On religious rights grounds because cannabis is an ancient sacrament common across many faiths.


We are the Hemp Patriots!

We are building an open source legal strategy to challenge cases being prosecuted for personal marijuana possession and cultivation.

Ed Forchion’s cases are the first cases we are fighting and we seek others to join us.

Cannabis is all American. Our Founding Fathers would never tolerate cannabis prohibition. They fought the law, so can we.


It's a Political Party!

Liberty Bell Temple celebrates food, music, and arts and we champion freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of identity.

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